Training «Origin» with Siberian Shaman Ahamkara

Training Origin

Bonuses and gifts when purchasing this course.
Only 9 days until November 1st.
1st gift: Shamanic journey “Contact with the Mother Animal”. Soon I will conduct it and record it, and you will be the first to receive it as a bonus.
2nd gift: I will make a journey especially for you to determine which spirit animal will help you in the near future.
3rd gift: I will create protection for the next month around you or any other person. I will record a video of the ritual and send it to you.
4th gift: My CD "Tinbura" with playing the Drum and Mouthharp, for entering a trance.
5th gift: For those who purchase courses for more than 100 EUR, I will conduct an online consultation on an issue that worries you.

After you have paid for the course, send me a message "Bonus" on WhatsApp (+79221343011) or Telegram @horos7

1 week: Cleansing from the problem situation with beewax candel.
2 week: Transformation with help of Spirits Helpers.
3 week: Abundance, contact with Umai.
4 week: Creating a vision for the future (Ulgen)

Student reviews

- Thank you for the meditation. This morning I did it near my window with a view of hills and trees. I felt there’s some blockage in my neck. After the meditation I felt better .😊

- This morning I did the meditation again in my front yard. I felt there’s some blockage in my head. After the meditation it’s getting better. When I did this outdoor, I felt a completely different sense of smell and more presence for the surroundings compared with doing it indoor near the window. Thanks😊😇

- Wow, I am so impressed! The wax ritual worked! I got exactly what I asked for when I thought what I was asking was impossible. I was about to be homeless, I've been looking for 6 months to find something suitable and was feeling very hopeless when I signed up for this course. I just found my perfect place today!! Thank you Erlich for all your help, thank you Ahamkara for sharing your knowledge!

- The blockages of my lower and upper back are gone… 🥰🙏🏻🤭 Today I felt a blockage in my heart. Now I feel tranquility and security. 💜✨

- This Meditation is… I find no words. Today I did it outside in my garden. I laid down for at least 1 hour. They repaired all of me. Now i know, who i am. Thank you

- My blockage was in my back. I connect with the spirits and I feel like i'm loosing kilos of stress felt of me. When I walkes to home I remembered that I go to the place but if you ask me how it felt before it was gone. Really love that feeling
- Today's cleansing was a different experience than yesterday. Even now I immediately felt the energy from my hands being pulled to the water in the bowl. It was a tingling and at the same time a pulsating feeling. This time there was a lot of energy coming from my heart chakra. A lot of sadness and rejection poured straight from my heart into the water. Over time, the energy began to feel a little lighter. So very positive towards the end when the was was almost solidified. The shape of the wax is very similar to yesterday's, but I definitely see a difference. The wax itself is wider and the bulges above it are less pointed and flatter. The cleansing literally and figuratively takes the edge off my situation. That is what the wax shows me and what my energetic body makes me feel.

- I have a question for you all.... I slept incredibly good last night, after the cleansing. This very unusal for me. I was wondering if anybody else had a different night than they normal have. I also dreamt a lot... really a lot and also very intens and vivid. Is this normal to experience after cleansing?

- Beeswax cleansing ritual I felt the intensity much more and yes, on the lower back a feeling like something is flowing away... my heart full of energy... The shapes were interesting, that's how I interpreted them anyway... I was really surprised 😀 I draw the conture a bit, so it might be easier to see.... on the one side a dwarf with a giant hammer showed up for me 😍... because the dwarves are close to me. The picture tells me, they help me clear away the obstacles. It's about clearing away the obstacles on the way to realizing and living my greatest potential. On the other side, I interpret a happy little being, amazed, excited by what is now showing 🙏. So much for this time

- Just now I perform second cleansing of today. My bones were hurting so bad ..
after cleansing it is beter but I feel I need to repeat it. I saw how my Family Tree also was sheding dark. Something dark was pulling out from my bones

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Ahamkara Shaman
Ahamkara Shaman

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