Shamanic Self-Healing with Siberian Shaman Ahamkara

Shamanic Self-Healing

Bonuses and gifts when purchasing this course.
Only 9 days until November 1st.
1st gift: Shamanic journey “Contact with the Mother Animal”. Soon I will conduct it and record it, and you will be the first to receive it as a bonus.
2nd gift: I will make a journey especially for you to determine which spirit animal will help you in the near future.
3rd gift: I will create protection for the next month around you or any other person. I will record a video of the ritual and send it to you.
4th gift: My CD "Tinbura" with playing the Drum and Mouthharp, for entering a trance.
5th gift: For those who purchase courses for more than 100 EUR, I will conduct an online consultation on an issue that worries you.

After you have paid for the course, send me a message "Bonus" on WhatsApp (+79221343011) or Telegram @horos7

1 week: Healing with a Drum, you need a red woolen thread.

2 week: Shamanic meditation - getting rid of diseases.

3 week: Shamanic breathing exercises for healing.

4 week: Healing Ritual - “Offering to the spirits”.

Student reviews

- I did the ritual, i found it great!! For me it has to do with people i could see them, who try to come into my light, and they want to come into my light, so i saw it!! Thank you for that i use my silver spoon in my hand and clean it, and i send them back to erlik!!! Yes i did all this energy came in my toes!! And then in my roots to the ground then they clean the ground i saw a light afterwards🦋then umai came and the deer gives me a big kiss with his tongue so lovely🧚‍♀️the spirit of umai!! I loves her so much🙏🏻Great to be in touch with umai❤️The red rope i have it in my hands invisible i breath in and out send good intention, i saw that my rope change in a big red heart!! I ask for protection then i saw a beautiful angel, and my guide so lovely and the raven!!! My rope is invisible but i have it on my wrist beautiful beautiful ritual!! I’m. Grateful for that thank you ahamkara🙏🏻❤️💜🦋

- Hello group I did the ritual twice today because I just experienced an old traumatic scene. It was so on time and this time got healed. The first time I was listening to the drum and imagined a spoon in my hand and clean. The scene of umai made me cry and after that I felt better. After three hours I recalled a good memory related to drum. And I did it again with my little drum, playing by two hands on it. The drumming made me a little trance and I still cried when receiving love from umai. I decided to do it everyday to heal myself. Thanks so much for the teaching!😇

- I have done the ritual one time now. I feel I have a very good contact with Umai. My heart is fulled with love and gratitude and all feel so safe. Thank you Ahamkara.

- Thank you for this ritual, i felt a lot of pain leaving my body. The red thread looks like a massive , thick, brick wall to keep the negative energies out

- I did it this morning. The spoon cleaned my left side of the brain. And the feeling after that is amazing 💕

- Hello…it feels intens and powerful to clean with the silver spoon…nice to have it in my own hands…✨

My heart feels warm hearing Umai…’I thank you our Mother…I sink a little deeper and I breathe a little wider…here close to you and me’…❤️

- I would like to ask about the music that could be heard in the background. It has accompanied me very well.

The ritual surprised me positively, it was so "fluid" and could communicate clearly. Mother Earth gave me a gift, a Yakutsk traditional dress with beautiful beads, the color was white. I danced on the meadow in front of the big mountain. I am very grateful 🙏🏻

- I did the ritual first time now. A food monster came to me. Ugly, evil eyes, hateful. We talked and I asked: What do you want from me? Your energy, he gasped. My family has had food problems for generations, eating wrong, to much, to little. How can I help you, I asked? Then the whole monster collapsed and cried, " I need love".I could feel the sorrow of the monster. So we went to underworld and created a nice room. But the most important thing was to give my male monster a female monster to live with. My monster wanted me to visit him sometimes. Maybe not so good? I cut of the energy string between us and it was okey. I already try very much to eat good food so I will continue. Thanks for the lesson and the music 💖

- Thanks for the umai breathing. I did it two times before bed and in the dusk. It’s hard to visualize the scene in the yurt but I can feel the life force. My bone and organ became stronger after this. Could we use this breathing technique in real everyday environment and just image we breathe in the life force?

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Ahamkara Shaman
Ahamkara Shaman

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