Protection with Siberian Shaman Ahamkara

Protection 4 Rituals

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3rd gift: I will create protection for the next month around you or any other person. I will record a video of the ritual and send it to you.
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  1. How to strengthen the connection with Umai
  2. How to be and feel safe
  3. Protection and cleansing with salt
  4. Deep contact with Umai

Student reviews:

- Thank you Ahamkara. The last one meditation with Umai was beautiful. She was standing in the yurta with long, light hair, loving and caring. I felt such a warm feeling, almost cried. She gave me a circle with a protective symbol in it . I have liked all the weekly tasks so thank you. Like the calming music to the meditations. Everything has been good💖

- Thank you, I use often salt for protection, this metods are really easy. Thank you🥰

- To me came te lion and the black Jaguar !! The black Jaguar start to open a door there came a lot of light so that’s my protection and the lion jumped on my bed were i listened the meditation from ahamkara and the lion let me know with a lick from love on my face it feels great and both gave me a great/ safe feeling thank you ahamkara🙏🏻🦅❤️

- Thank you so much for a beautiful meditation. I always get so warm in my heart and feel love go out from my heart when I work with Umai Spirit.❤️

- I meditated and asked a power animal to come to me and help me solve a problem. After a while, various animals began to appear, just the wings, the legs- only small parts of the animals. Finally, a black cobra clearly began to emerge. It stared at me and I felt a very cold energy . So I forced it to disappear . A bear began to appear. He first showed his teeth and roared, then he showed his claws -to show his power. I could feel the strength and warmth from the bear and let it come to me. The loving feeling from the bear helped me solve my problem.

- Various spirit animals have come to me at different periods in life. A blue sky wolf is in the background. He comes only if I do healing work for Mother Earth. My strongest spiritual helper is a raven/crow. I don't know exactly which. He came when I gave healing a number of years ago. In the beginning he was small but he has grown and is now several meters tall. He has tremendous strength and a great calmness. He always comes if I ask him. He stands behind me and calms me down. I can fly on him if I ask. He always helps me in healing work. I don,t contact him very often, would like to do so more.

- Thank you.

It had to be a wolf that came to me. I have had the wolf with me all summer. This is the gray good loving wolf. Earlier this summer, when we were away and had the dogs with us, I had put the dog on a leash while I was walking inside a house. Everyone hears a wolf howling. we were sure it was on tv. Nevertheless, I went to the window and looked out, there is my dog, howling like a wolf. It's our language, when I call the dog and he doesn't come I have to howl like the wolf. Then it will come.

- I was reminded that my Tiger is there alredy more then 10 years.

After some counsiusness work memories before knock out - loosing consiusness are returning now…

So I wil repate the ceremonie…

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Ahamkara Shaman
Ahamkara Shaman

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