Family karma cleancing 2 with Siberian Shaman Ahamkara

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1. Pay off debts for the ancestors, through the ritual of forgiveness.

2. Protecting yourself and your family.

3. The ritual of offering to the ancestors.

4. The ritual of cleansing the karma of the family with 12 candles.

Student reviews:

- Was beautiful.. and very peaceful.. grandfather was an Iman and ceremonies before had also sufficient impact.

- Repeated the wax candel ceremonie - alone, with my jongest - totaal 6 times with beewax candels. Run out of the suppleies. And need to restok.

So I mixed it up with the generations. Taking jongst living known to me, and other time beginning with my own children.
Every time very Deep and intresting.
Also very clear wich generation carries more negatief Karma and needs more work.

- Did my 2nd ceremony. There was a lot of loss, keeping close and fear of letting go in most of the generations. I asked for help of losing all the pain and fear... At the end it feld lighter as if they were pleased to be a part of my life now.

- I did the cleansing ritual last night. I dropped and blowed the caldle one by one for the cleansing. I could feel some problems in the 6-8 generations since I started coughing. The pattern of the wax crystal is very simple like some raindrops and flower. The process is a bit challenging but I felt relief when staring at the flame. I thanked those spirits, umai and Erik at the end land put it back underground this morning. 🙏

- I created a protective circle for my lineage after cleansing. Obsidian stone is used for protection here in the Yucatán by the Mayans; I also used rose quarts to surround them w love. I drummed and called on the lands of my ancestors and my spirit animals to protect them.

- Did the ritual just now. It feld like in 11th generation there arise a problem, the melted wax also looked very different. When i thanked all what helped, my body started to shiver and i got goosebumbs. I feel a lot of love around me.

- My body became much lighter. I will use this cleanser many times. Whenever I feel I need it. Thank you very much Ahamkara for your teaching

- I did it the fourth time. I dot get any verbal message, but when i hold the plate over my head it feels like a stream of energy from above. I really start to like this ritual.

- I like about the altai tradition that its quite simple and reasonable

- last saturday i prepared the food for my ancestors and when i finished putting it on the plate i hit a few sec. unconcious. it seemed as if something was being pulled out of me from behind my head. I have no idea what happened. or what it was. after the ceremony I was very relaxed and felt in harmony. but I am very curious what happened in those few seconds

- 2nd time ritual today. I was surprised how tall the tree grew. It was full of ancestors, spirits and animals. The tree itself was colorful and sparkling. And the end there was a familie hugg together with the tree, so loving and thankful🫂❤️‍🔥

- Dear ahamkara i had a great protection ritual, most of my ancestors were there!!! I loves them so much, i really feel them loves!!! And i saw the family tree, there came a door inside it opens and every family member went inside, so lovely and then the tree gets so lovely soft pink and light colors, it felt full with loves from umai and ulgen and stars from tengri lovely ritual!!! Thank you dear ahamkara for teaching this beautiful ceremony i loves to work on it❤️🌈🙏🏻💜

- Did the protection ritual right now. Used objects that have special meaning to me. I saw the people from the list and when the tree appeared they took place in it. The tree itself was surrounded by pastel colors, some spiris came to see. Next thing i see was like a picknick (before you mentioned it), where everyone was happy and loving eachother. I feld so thankful for there presence in my life and the opportunity to learn my lessons and to grow. They were happy to be remembered.

- Thank you for the rituals. I did the forgiveness for the first timeearly morning. I used pre cooked chili rice and cooked it and put in a new bowl near window. I forgive all the people who hurt me and ask for forgiveness from people I hurt. I waited for my ancestors known and unknown near my hometown. It took a while to come because I’m far from it. Some birds came as well. They look peaceful and still many things related to forgiveness. I repeated these words at the end and thanked all spirits. 💗

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Ahamkara Shaman

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