4 Totems with Siberian Shaman Ahamkara

4 totems

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2nd gift: I will make a journey especially for you to determine which spirit animal will help you in the near future.
3rd gift: I will create protection for the next month around you or any other person. I will record a video of the ritual and send it to you.
4th gift: My CD "Tinbura" with playing the Drum and Mouthharp, for entering a trance.
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  1. The wolf conveys the teachings of love and healthy relationships
  2. Eagle’s medicine includes swiftness, strength, courage and wisdom
  3. The spirit of the bear as healer and teacher
  4. The crow is a carrier for souls traveling from darkness into light

Student reviews:

- The meeting with the Bear feels so special, incredible, give it a name......now I'm writing. Because it felt, being one was so....normal, so one with everything, nature, sky everything around me. So trustfull, to be one. It felt like I was in another time a time what went slower..??? This meeting I find not easy to describe. So normal.......it felt. When the Bear came to me he layed his head, on my head. I became one. He said to me, "trust yourself", while watching me. I stood up and watched everything around me. Started to stand on my 2 legs/paws. He kept standing on his 4 legs, Just watching me. Then I start to walk further on my path. Just moved further on the path I came from. Wow, I need time to let this go in slowly....Thanks again Ahamkara! ☺️😊💖

- Hi There.. Thanks Ahamkara .. When you start drumming, I saw infornt of med bears dansing ,standing, around a fire like the indians do.. I cut smell-taste honey..Later when I meet the bear, i was first a littel a freid, but I grow and had no fera, the bear was verry varm and freindly and head deep eyes, I was called Bear haert more than once,, 🙂 I became proud and thought it can no be my name, but the name came again, so tank you.. My hands and my heart became varm.. Slowly I grow hair om ny body, like a big vinter jacket was putting on me from behind. The bear sat beside me I a touch it gentel an we both was smiling, and vupti I becane a bear, and looke at nature with my bear eye.. i walked around like I was a king-a nature police mand who was taking care of mother natures land, eating berry and finding a bee nest and tase some honny.. I was fealing great as a bear.. My heart is stil varming and my hands to.. It was a great trip and I feel strong and blessed 🙂 🙏🧙🐻

- Thank you. I love being free, fly high, low, eith the wind . See eith the eagels eyes. The first time I was going to fly, it was me. I should fly like a bird. I wondered if I should keep my arms still or use them. I made a mistake and fell down. There came an absolutely beautiful man, the most beautiful I have ever seen, jet black hair and lovely features in his face. He smeared my heart chakra, solar plexus and third eye into a green herbal porridge. I wasn't awake, and I wasn't sleeping either, but I was glowing as he smeared the porridge. In addition, an old man came, a noaidie, who held his hands over my hands. A month later I got my first drum. This is over 30 years ago.

- Thank you for your sharing your visdom,, and thnaks for your drum guidence to our dream world with the eagel..

- To day when i was working in my new garden, planting small trees, I heard a eagel , I saw up in the sky, and there it was flying hi up in the air over my house.. Thank you eagel 🙂 The drum travel guided me.. First I saw eargels around my dream body , cirkeling around me, later Ahamkara told me to become a eagel when the feather landed in my hand.. I was ready to fly like a eagel 🙂 Just waithting to take off.. had a super tour up in the sky. I saw far away with my eagel eyes.. The future show me misty time with smokes from factury darkening the sun and the air, humans was gray and not happy. We humans are destroying nature and our future. We need to take care of nature an not polute, the air and our drinking water, the sea or the rivers. If we do not react now, we wil not survive, nor wil nature.. Wake up humans was the message to me.. Take care of nature and our future before it is too late.. The eagel show me the dark side, wich I already know, and I should keep on working to take care of nature and spread the words so we humans can stop poluting mother earth, starting to think what we eat and what we buy in our dayli life.. ( and much more) That was what the eagel told me.. 🧙😢

- Half an hour ago I told my jongest son that I need to go and bee with my Wolfs.

Moment I lied down I changed in a hughe black Wolf. I howld, giving a signaal to my pack and sarted running in an big dark forrest with a big pack of wolfs.
I came out nu a river of life and sarted to jump from one shore to on other shore, and kept running forward. A big pack of wolfs were again with me.
We were a onstoppebeal force. The pack used force to clear the way, I as Hughe Black Wolf was in front and fighting and tearing all in pieces. I fealt the beastlike fury and raw power.
And before I could worry about getting a grip and not loosing myself in this, I was sitting by a fire in opposite of a black wolf with warm golden eys.
All was very peacful.

- thank you Ahamkara, the ritual is beautiful💗 I have done it three times now. And last time I met a second wolf who was very friendly and gentle. the first was a real protector and that was also special!

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Ahamkara Shaman
Ahamkara Shaman

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